What’s Included:

• Fully programmed NightOut website
• All hosting, maintenance, and upgrades of your NightOut site
• Fast growing national brand
• Exclusive territory
• Personalized email accounts
• User Friendly Admin Panel to manage all areas of your website
• Direct access to our support team through your Admin Panel
• Logo and marketing kits
• Guide to Building a Successful NightOut Business
• NightOut Business Plan Outline
• NightOut Mobile Marketing Guide
• Ongoing Support and Training

Everything you need to begin building your NightOut business is included in our complete business package!

Your Questions Answered

Do I have to sign an agreement?

Yes. We have a basic licensing agreement which outlines the terms and conditions and defines your market area. It also locks in the cost so your monthly fee cannot be raised.
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How much can I earn?

Merchant Profiles, both Video Profiles, and Full Profiles will be your primary revenue source initially. If you average only 10 Video Profiles sales per month, which is slightly more than 2 sales per week, you will be earning $1500 per month in recurring income in only 3 months, $3000 after 6 months, and $6000 per month after only 12 months. If you also sold 10 Full Profiles per month for a suggested monthly fee of $39, you would earn around $1200 in monthly recurring income after three months, $2400 after 6 months, and an additional $4800 per month after only 12 months. Average 10 Video Profile sales plus 10 Full profile sales per month, in just 12 months, you will be earning $10,800 per month in recurring income, month after month.
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How do I get traffic to the site?

There are many ways you will generate traffic to the site from organic search to local promotions. We have optimized the site for the search engines however the content you enter is key to long term SEO improvement. Google and other search engines crawl the content on the site for matches to a search so having new and relevant content is critical. Our training will assist you in this area.

Equally important is local publicity. Your goal should be that your NightOut site be as well known for specials and events as the local newspaper is known for news. We will help you with promotional ideas to get your NightOut site known in your area.
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If I license a city, what exclusive area do I get?

When you license a city, contractually you are licensing the city specifically. We do however allow and encourage you to market to the edge cities surrounding your licensed city provided that they are not large enough to support a NightOut site of their own and that they are not currently licensed to someone else. Typically we use a population of 50,000 or greater as large enough to support a site however each area is determined independently.
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Do I need a business license?

Whether a business license is required varies from state to state and also city to city. Check with your local authorities to determine what is specifically required to operate a business in your area.
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Can I work from home?

The NightOut business can be operated from home however it is a sales and marketing business so you will have to be out in the community to promote your site and to make sales calls. The administration and management of the site can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection.
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